ValueCAN 4-1A

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1 channel CAN with USB-A connector. Does not include cable for OBD / J1939.

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ValueCAN4-1A ValueCAN 4-1A , a low-Cost, High-Performance Vehicle Network Interface with one isolated  CAN
  • 1x CAN 2.0 channel
  • Supports listen-only operations
  • Double-buffered CAN transmission
  • Fully USB powered
  • 64-bit timestamping,accuracy of 25 ns
  • Vehicle Spy Trial setup tool for baud rates
  • One year limited warranty

Warning : this product is not compatible  with software from ETAS and MERLO or other vendor proposing their own version of the product.

The Ultimate CAN to USB Tool

ValueCAN 4-1A is an exceptionally priced CAN to USB tool with no compromises. ValueCAN 4-1 boasts high quality and high performance with to up to 1 Megabit 100% bandwidth low latency transmit and receive performance, ECU Flashing Support via J1534/RP1210/DLL, and electrical isolation. ValueCAN 4-1 is built upon the the field proven ValueCAN 3 series which has sold over 60000 units to industry, military and automotive areas.

Many Uses
ValueCAN 4-1 can be used in a multitude of ways. Common uses include high speed flashing, ECU  simulation, dealership CAN dongle, standalone mode for automating tests, and many more.

Superior Engineering
The ValueCAN 4-1A is fully isolated from the PC, and its isolation layer is self-powered from USB, which eliminates the need for external power for the CAN transceiver. The ValueCAN 4-1’s isolation, a feature not common on low-cost interfaces, eliminates issues with grounding or noise affecting your PC and its communications. The ValueCAN 4-1 is also electrically hardened to survive an abusive environment, including reverse battery voltage and electrical transients. To make wiring easy, the device pinout is printed clearly on the housing. The ValueCAN 4-1 is also backed by a one-year warranty.

High Performance
ValueCAN 4-1 has been tested and verified to operate on high bandwidth CAN networks. This includes 100% utilization at 1Mbps.

Real-Time Acceleration and Standalone Mode for High-Speed Flashing, Gatewaying, and ECU Simulation
The ValueCAN 4-1 can load real-time Function Block scripts and C code created with Vehicle Spy Professional. These scripts then execute in real time with microsecond resolution. The scripts can be controlled and monitored with a PC application or operate in standalone mode.

High-Level Protocols Supported
The ValueCAN 4-1 is compatible with J1939, OBD2 on CAN, Keyword Protocol over CAN, UDS diagnostics, CCP/XCP, DeviceNet, and CANOpen. We offer cables for J1939 and automotive diagnostics on CAN. ISO15765 for CAN FD is implemented in hardware, which allows for super-fast ECU flashing.

Software Support: Turn-Key

A copy of Vehicle Spy 3 Trial Edition is included with the ValueCAN 4-1. Vehicle Spy is a powerful vehicle bus analyzer for monitoring messages and configuring baud rates. The professional user will want to upgrade to the full version of Vehicle Spy, which lets you filter traffic, decode message data, build scripts, and simulate other nodes. You can also build GUIs to control, log, view, and build graphical displays of your data.

Create Your Application
Using the Included Intrepid DLL API, J2534 API, or RP1210 API For those who wish to write their own applications, the ValueCAN 4-1 includes the neoVI DLL and helpful examples for Python, Visual C++, C++ Builder, LabWindows CVI, LabVIEW, Java, MATLAB, Delphi, Excel, and Visual Basic. For more information, please see the neoVI DLL documentation.

More information on the product on the Intrepid Control site.